Bullet has refused to pick my calls after Wendy Shay snub – Kelvynboy reveals

Bhim Nation signee Kelvynboy has revealed that ever since the incident with Wendy Shay happened her manager Bullet has refused to pick up his calls.

The Burnington Music Group signee caught the headlines when he failed to embrace Wendy Shay at the Peace Conference even though she happily outreached her arms waiting to exchange pleasantries with him.

In a viral video which popped online, Wendy Shay was standing in line with her manager, Bullet, Shatta Wale, Blakk Cedi and Stonebwoy when Kelvyn joined them to take a group photo.

But after shaking hands with Bullet, Kelvyn Boy bypassed Wendy Shay and hugged Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy instead. This did not go down well with Bullet, the manager of Wendy who took to his Instagram account to blast the ‘Lai-lai’ hitmaker for starting a ‘war’ in the middle of a peace conference.

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After the incident, a video of how the incident happened went viral with some people bashing Kelvynboy and others were of the view that Wendy Shay deserved it following what she did to KIDI at the VGMA.

Kelvynboy in an interview with KMJ on Joy Prime TV’s Showbiz revealed that since the incident happened he has tried to call Bullet and explained to him but he doesn’t pick up and he believes that he has taken it too personal.

“It wasn’t intentional. After the video went viral, I tried explaining things and even apologized publicly but Bullet didn’t wanna take the apology. I called Bullet several times he didn’t pick up the call. I feel he took the whole snub thing too personal,”

Bullet in an earlier post revealed that Kelvyboy snubbed Wendy Shay because he was pissed that she won the award for New Artist of the Year at the VGMA.

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“I am glad I was part of this historic movement.as we are preaching peace and uniting people,some artist hv started another beef just to trend.i have been young but now I am old and with my experience in this industry I have never seen a man beefing a woman all in the name of awards.”

Bullet jabs Kelvynboy after snubbing Wendy Shay at the Shatta-Stonebwoy Peace Conference