F*ck me and buy me an iPhone – Slay queen begs

F*ck me and buy me an iPhone – Slay queen begs

Whiles other ladies are working very hard to achieve and get want they want, our slay queens are just on social media and demanding gift and in return allow themselves to be ch0pped.

A lady on social media with the handle @Dara Tush is in need of an iPhone and the only way she intends of getting it is asking anyone who is interested to get her the phone to come and “chop” her as an exchange.

Truth be told, we are in an era where some people if not everyone is looking forward to using the latest phone in town especially our sisters the slay queens.

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According to @DaraTush, she lost her phone some days ago and she needs someone who would fu*k her and give her an iPhone in return.

Buy me an iPhone and chop me – Slay queen begs

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