Key facts about Angelina Nana Akua Oduro, the lady in the iconic AKWAABA portrait (+Photo)

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-Key facts about Angelina Nana Akua Oduro, the lady in the iconic AKWAABA portrait

It has been 21 years good years but the image still reigns as Ghana’s most iconic image when it comes hospitality. The iconic photo is admired by everybody both in and outside the country. Strangely, little is known about the personality in the iconic image.

It hangs in rooms, airports, supermarkets, gift bags, ‘Ghana Must Go’ bags, dresses and almost every hospitable place in Ghana but most of us know little or nothing about the lady in the iconic portrait.

Here are the key facts about the Lady in the iconic “Akwaaba” image.


Her full name is Angelina Akua Nana but she is popularly called Akua Angie.

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She was inspired to take the picture by a Dipo picture she saw in a bar when she was between 8 and 9 years old.


She stands at 5 feet 4 inches tall


She attended Fashion Africa Fashion Designing school

Who was the Photographer?

The picture was taken in 1999 by Ceejay, owner of Ceejay Multimedia.

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How she wanted to take the picture

According to her, she wanted to take the picture naked but Ceejay advised against the idea.

Family life

She is married with two kids, a boy and a girl.

What she does for a living now

She is the CEO of Akwaaba Craft, a modelling agency where she teaches fashion and modelling.

What else is she into?

She is a chorister and an evangelist as well.

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Summary of her rise to stardom

Angelina Akua Nana Oduro took the picture purposely to be hanged in her room but friends started admiring it.

According to her, a decision was later made to start selling the images by the photographer following the public admiration.

She is now affectionately called “Akwaaba” with her family house also popularly known as “Akwaaba” house because of the iconic image.

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