Military officer spotted lashing Taxi driver in public

Military officer spotted lashing Taxi driver in public has chanced on a video of a military officer giving some hot lashes to a Taxi driver at the 37 Military Hospital in Accra.

According to reports, we gathered, offending cab drivers who fall foul to the measures set up by the security faculty, are made to lie bareback on the bonnets of their vehicles while the officers whip them with twined copper wires.

A taxi driver who gave his side of the story narrated that a soldier with the service name, “Ampiah”, gave him a whipping of his life for stopping in front of the Bantamahene’s Palace to pick a passenger, bruising his back in the process.

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Watch the video here:

Just two days ago, a driver and a mate disciplined a Police officer who was on duty directing traffic.

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The driver and his mate are currently warming up behind bars.