Slay Queen recording Atopa tape with boyfriend goes viral

Slay Queen records Atopa tape with boyfriend and releases it online

Many at times, Atopa tapes are le#ked online by boyfriends who often blackmail the ladies with them or when anger sets in, they release it to the public domain but in the case of the video you are about to watch below, it is the lady who recorded her own atopa tape with her boyfriend and shared them online.

Many who have chanced upon it are in awe because it is usually the opposite; well, the trend is now changing as this slayqueen was busily seen recording her own tape as she had s#kx with her boyfriend.

In the video, the two were seen in a missionary position enjoying themselves but the Slay Queen was more interested in snaping the moment for the world to see what she was doing

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Click this link to watch the video